Assumptions We Should Make Every Time We Interact With Clients. Part 4

Assume they are a secret shopper. Treat every customer as if they were a secret shopper reporting to your superiors. By doing so, you ensure that you are being professional during every interaction and providing the best level of customer service consistently. Be honest with yourself, if you were helping a client who you knew was reporting to the company owner or CEO would you treat them any differently? Of course you would! It’s human nature. We are not always on our “A” game with every interaction, especially if it’s something you do multiple times a day. Only by bringing awareness to it can you make the mental changes necessary to ensure every client is treated to the best shopping experience possible. “Reset” after every client and make sure your next presentation is not subpar. Remember, just because you’ve talked to 10 clients today doesn’t mean that your 11th presentation should be lackluster. To you, it’s your 11th interaction, but to the client you are talking to, it is their first time dealing with you and possibly the first time ever attempting to do business with your company. How you make them feel could lead to a sale or it could lead to them walking out without making a purchase and possibly leaving with a distaste for you and your company. 

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