Expert Watch and Jewelry Appraisals in Port St. Lucie


 Mariano Steisel

What is my watch worth? 

That is the most commonly asked question when it comes to watch appraising.  But, there are many more factors that go into determining the value that most people don't know.

To properly estimate a watch's' value, the model, general condition of the watch and specific criteria, such as, the availability of its certificate (papers) and original presentation case (box) must all be taken into account. Valuable watches need to be valued by an expert who is specialized in this category.

Having spent more than 30 years in the industry, I have acquired a vast knowledge base of Brands, Models and Movements to properly identify and appraise timepieces for insurance replacement.  

Should you need an appraisal for insurance or to have a piece authenticated, feel free to contact us for further details or to make an appointment.


   Kristi Mercer

 As a graduate gemologist and an independent jewelry appraiser with over 15 years experience and writing over 10,000 appraisal reports, Kristi has a demonstrated history of valuing fine jewelry. She provides appraisal and consulting services to a wide range of clients from corporate jewelry companies, law firms, government agencies and individuals for insurance scheduling, estate purposes, and liquidation.