Assumptions We Should Make Every Time We Interact With Clients. Part 3

Assume they know nothing about the brand. Give them information as to what makes it special and different from other manufacturers. Just because it’s a famous name like Rolex or Patek Philippe (just to name a few) doesn’t mean that the clients know everything there is to know about the brand. I’ve had clients walk in that have owned a Rolex for 20+ years and didn’t know they could manually wind their watch, or that their watch was waterproof. Clients may know the name and that it is a reputable brand but they may not know anything about their manufacturing techniques, about being 100% Swiss made, about the materials they use, about how long it takes to manufacture each timepiece, etc. Truly focus on explaining the Value in each brand and talking about the heritage and manufacturing. It’s oftentimes easier for clients to see the value in an expensive car (i.e. Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ferrari) than it is for them to understand the value of a watch or a piece of jewelry because it is small. In fact, it’s small size makes it infinitely more difficult to manufacture since you are manufacturing components that must be within microns of acceptable deviation, and all 200+ components have to work together synchronously and be within seconds a day of timekeeping accuracy. 

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