What Is My Watch Worth?

What Is My Watch Worth?

A watch appraisal is a process that takes physical appearance, functionality, rarity, and general condition into account in order to provide an estimate of monetary value, often for insurance purposes. Watch appraisals provide a dollar value that can be used to determine the cost of a replacement if an insurance claim is ever needed, as well as to provide the taxable value of an item.

There are several factors taken into consideration to determine its value, such as:


The condition of your watch affects the outcome of a watch appraisal or evaluation.  If the watch is polished or over-polished, this will be taken into account under condition.  The same goes for a watch with a refinished dial.  Original is always best!


Both the brand name itself and accompanying paperwork are considered in a watch appraisal. These apply in our evaluation and authentication processes as well. Brands that are particularly valuable fall into the same category as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, IWC and many more.


A watch’s quality is all about the craftsmanship. For generations, the Swiss have been the most prominent in the watch industry in regards to quality.

Unique Features:

Purely mechanical winds, perpetual calendars, and chronographs, are among unique features that some of the most coveted brands include in their watches.

Market Demand:

Many watch owners are disappointed when they realize that a watch that was purchased for $10,000 is worth only a fraction of the price. Even if the watch is in good condition and made with high-quality materials, market demand for that particular watch can fluctuate, affecting the resale price. 


Always remember, buy what you love and enjoy it.  Don't purchase a watch as an investment, as the market fluctuates frequently based on demand.

For advise or recommendations on what to purchase, you can reach out to us any time!





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