What is Happening In the Watch Industry Amidst This Crisis?

A lot of people are  speculating on what will happen with the pricing and value of watches, once we come out of this very serious COVID-19 pandemic the world is stricken with.

For now, we haven't seen much fluctuation in pricing or the value of certain difficult pieces to attain.  I don't  think  we will unless it becomes worse.

No doubt it will take time to recuperate financially from this mess, most Swiss manufacturers have shut down operations/productions and so have their retail partners.

E-commerce is going to be critical in the coming months, and there is reason for optimism as the watch industry has a few crucial strengths.

As long as people are purchasing online, watches will be shipped and into the hands of the consumer.  Its a feel good purchase! 

Stay safe and always here to help, chat, and advise on all watches!



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