Cool Tool Watches

Cool Tool Watches

When it comes to tool watches, there are many choices out there.  For me, a tool watch consists of a few requirements.  

1. Water Resistance at least 200m

2. Sapphire Crystal

3. Self Winding Movement

4. Steel Bracelet

5. Legible Dial

6. Luminous Dial

7. Comfortable to Wear Everyday 

Most Dive watches have all of the above features.  What you choose as your ultimate tool watch is up to you.

With so many brands out there offering tool watches, you have to ask yourself, what ticks are on your list of must haves so you can narrow the list of brands and models within those brands to make your choice.

If you find yourself in a position of being unsure of what is out there or what to choose, and need assistance, reach out and we can discuss your options!

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My first real watch was a Rolex date just, it check most of the requirements to a collection watch. From there I’ve owned a Omega Seamaster, a TAG heuer, a Cartier and IWC but I still keep my date just and probably buy a Yacth Master. Omega is also a good first watch, I thinking of give my kids a pre-owned Omega Seamaster or a Bremont for graduation


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