How to Chose Your Next Watch in 5 Steps

How to Chose Your Next Watch in 5 Steps

Weather this is your 1st watch or not, choosing the right watch can be a difficult task. You have to ask yourself several questions to determine that. Here are 5 quick steps to help you in that journey:

1.  Make a list of features and benefits you would like out of this new watch. Put them in the order of most important to least. Do you want it to be water resistant? Luminous so you can see it at night? Chronograph or not? Do you want a watch on bracelet or strap so you can interchange them easily? There are so many questions that this list can go on and on. 

2.  Do you have a brand in mind? If you do, find your local AD and go try on a few pieces. Don’t impulse buy without trying it on. It’s tempting but don’t have buyers remorse. 

3. Be thorough in your search, after all, the hunt is the fun part. Don’t rush into anything. The forums can provide testimonials from people that have the watch you are looking for and can provide feedback as to what they like and don’t like about the watch you are considering. 

4.  When you finally get the watch on your wrist, assess if it’s the right size, feel, weight, legibility, and all the factors you made on your list. 

5. Always make sure after making your purchase without trying it on, you can return it if this was not for you. 

These questions can go on and on as I stated in the introduction but make sure this a fun experience and always remember that purchasing from an AD is the safest purchase as you will get all the papers and box that come with your new timepiece. 

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