Assumptions We Should Make Every Time We Interact With Clients. Part 5

Assume the client is walking in wanting to buy! Take every client seriously and assume the client is walking in to your store wanting to buy Today! If you show up to work every day assuming that clients walking in want to buy something then you’ll be surprised how your sales will skyrocket. Just like the old proverb says “whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right!” The sale is made in your mind before you start your work shift and before the first client ever walks in. I hate it when a sales associate says the client was “killing time” or just “kicking tires” because it’s simply a way for taking responsibility off of themselves and blaming customers for lack of sales. They walked in because they are interested. If you truly give your best effort in every presentation, make sure the client has an unforgettable experience, you celebrate the occasion, and your presentation is full of information that explains the value of the brand, then you will make more sales and create happier client relationships along the way. In my own store we oftentimes hear our clients say that they were simply walking by and saw our store and happened to walk in. They had no plans in buying anything but that changed after working with us!

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