Assumptions We Should Make Every Time We Interact With Clients. Part 2

Assume the client is a millionaire/billionaire. One of the biggest complaints from clients is that they feel prejudged when shopping in a luxury environment. They are oftentimes treated poorly by a sales associate when they ask to see an expensive item, are condescendingly told the price or simply told that the item is expensive and instead are shown a lower priced item (or maybe not shown anything at all!). According to Credit Suisse, the US currently has over 18.6 million millionaires and over 600 billionaires, so chances are that the client you are helping in your luxury store could very well be a millionaire or billionaire! By assuming the client is a millionaire/billionaire, you take the price factor and prejudging out of the interaction and can focus more on truly wowing the customer and making them feel special. Even if the price truly is way out of their budget, the client feels complimented because you assumed that they could afford it. Luxury shopping is as much about the experience as it is about the product itself. If you prejudge someone, or make them feel less-than, you just soured the entire interaction and ruined any potential chances you had of making a sale. 

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